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                               THE LANDS ON THE BORDER 2
(Axton's POV)
"Zer0, do you know there IS a bandit camp near by."
"No...NO. no.....They'll slaughter her, lick her bones clean. We have to hurry!"
"Calm down friend, Salvador will NOT let his friend's lady get hurt!"
Sometimes I wonder if there is one sane person in this world. I wonder if Zer0 imagines things and if Salvador is what the poster says, a cannibal. I'm scared for my life, but I won't let my "friends" know that. Sarah would be disappointed in me. I liked Maya she kinda reminds me of Sarah. I cared for about the only sane person in this group, but when I heard Zer0 talk about that weird necklace, I'd seen the poster, I'd seen the signs. I'm sure we all agree bandits need to learn how to spell, I mean really? "INVISIBL BITCHZ" They had decorated the silhouette of a Needle Stalker with gold paint right around where it's eyes would be and drew a necklace with a purple vault symbol on it. I just thought it was some insane
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The Lands On The Border 2
                                                                           THE LANDS ON THE BORDER 2
It's been a while, but I was determined to make this the best chapter out of the rest...
Maya sighed. She turned around to face the Stalker.
"It's about time I name you, you've turned into my pet since I've saved you. "
She looked at him for a moment.
"How about Freak, because your call sounds like you're saying freak?!"
"I suppose that's a yes."
She trekked along the barren plains remembering the fight Zer0 and her had. It frustrated Maya to not know if Zer0 was human or not. His mono tone voice made him sound like a robot. She didn't want to date a robot. She didn't want to date a ruthless killing machine with no feeling either. It's was like Zer0 had no mercy, he didn't even think twic
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KaNack by hoppymic02 KaNack :iconhoppymic02:hoppymic02 1 5
Friends to Remember
  Friends to Remember
     They sat down at the Silver Blood Inn, for some nice mead before the night ended and had to go back home. Ondolemar looked across the Inn to see a Khajiit enjoying some mead.
"Kiara, what would a Khajiit be doing in the city?" Ondolemar whispered while looking at the cat suspiciously.
"Oh Lemmie, she looks harmless." Kiara reassured Ondolemar
"Khajiits are not allowed in large cities, such as Markarth, I must escort her out imdiatately." Ondolemar stood up and walked over to the Khajiit.
"Excuse me, Khajitts are not allowed in cities, please leave immediately."
"I have been allowed in this city, for I have done it a great service."
"Oh really, and what might that be?"
"I am Thane. That should be self explanatory."
"What is your name Kahjiit?"
"Jayfeather, or Jay for short."
"I will go to the Jarl for this."
"Apparently "Jayfeather" is Thane." Ondolemar sighed while sitting himself down next to girlfriend.
"Maybe, she is. What do you want me to do about it? Le
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Team Nexus-Gift by hoppymic02 Team Nexus-Gift :iconhoppymic02:hoppymic02 2 2 Shiv by hoppymic02 Shiv :iconhoppymic02:hoppymic02 0 0 So meet my OC by hoppymic02 So meet my OC :iconhoppymic02:hoppymic02 0 3
The Lakeview
"Assuming the kids don't hurt themselves on the way here after it's done."
"Yes I realize the threat, that's why I'll have Vilkas travel with them."
"I see, I suppose you are entitled to decide what his duties are, after all you are the Harbringer."
"Yes, well, I have another plan Mar."
"What is it love?"
"What about Vilkas being our steward, he couldn't be here all the time, but he could still protect the house most of the time."
"Seems reasonable, but could we focus on building and then the little details."
"Having a steward is hardly a little detail Marcurio, we put the safety of our home into his hands."
"Can we please discuss this later, it's nearing dark and Lydia doesn't know how to say no to anything."
"Fine Mar, but that doesn't mean I won't forget."
Traveling home was awkward, after our little fight. It was a minor argument, nothing compared to when we decided if we wanted to adopt kids. I had won. One little girl and one little boy. My world was centered around them now.
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                                 THE LANDS ON THE BORDER 2
"I'm sorry Zer0! I'm sorry I can't be as brutal as you!"
"Since, when am I BRUTAL?!"
"Oh shut your mouth!"
"Why don't you, you alien freak!"
Then she ran.
"Damn it Maya I'm sorry!"
She kept running.
She was just a speck now.
"I didn't mean it! Please babe!"
The badass stalker looked at me dismaied, and then it lept after Maya.
I felt so guilty.I felt hurt as well. That last line rung in my head.
"Why don't you, you alien freak!"
The first big argument Maya and I had ever had. I just stood there stunned, looking the way she had run.I began to think about what she said. I was brutal. I was the worst kind of brutal. In fact beyond brutal, I was a horrid monster. I killed mindlessly. WIthout feeling. I wasn't human. Even though I was human on the inside with maimed hands. I was a freak. I sat there until sunset waiting for Maya to return.
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Jay's blade met the heart of t
A Little Nothing
Jay's blade met the heart of the Justiciar.
"Your going to die today, Cat!" said a Thalmor mage who had just emerged through the alchemy lab's door.
"You remind me of my cousin's cat, killed that too!" a Thalmor archer called from Lydia's room doorway.
" A challenger is near!" the dreamora yelled next to Jay.
The dreamora ran toward the mage who had been in the alchemy room. The flame antronach was shooting fireballs at the archer while dodeging arrows.
"Flame, get Lydia untied!" Jay yelled over the casting of thunderbolts.
The flame antronach made a sound which sounded like volcanoes exploding. She hovered up the stairs and swung her massiff firey hands at the archer and finished her of with another blow to the chest then disappered into Lydia's room. Jay swung her sword with all her might.  another justiciar fell to the ground, dead.
"Four dead, two to go!" Jay roared.
The dreamora fell to the ground and disappeared. The flame antronach came hovering down the stairs
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A Little Nothing
"Gahhh! I forgot the Dartwing!!" Jay rasped.
" Easy does it love." Marcurio wispered in Jay's ear.
" I think I've had enough alchemy today Mar." Jay said while nuzzling Marcurio's cheek with her nose.
"Okay love, we will practice some more tomorrow." Marcurio shouted while walking up the stairs.
" I will make some vension chop and grilled leaks tonight if you want!" Jay yelled back.
" Oh yes please, I haven't had that in a long while!" Marcurio shouted back.
Jay grabbed some vension and some leeks and put them in two seprate pots.
"One salt pile for vension chop." Jay whispered to herself. She went to a cupboard and pulled out one salt pile. She shut the cupboard door and walked slowly back to the two pots. She dumped the salt into the pot with the vension in it. She stepped back a couple of feet and shot a firebolt at the firewood under the pots. With the fire roasting the food, Jay walked up the stairs and into her room.
"Hello Lydia." Jay said kindly to her housecarl.
"Hello my than
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Update/preview    Maya and Zer0 DAmuro update by hoppymic02 Update/preview Maya and Zer0 DAmuro update :iconhoppymic02:hoppymic02 0 3 Splash! by hoppymic02 Splash! :iconhoppymic02:hoppymic02 0 0
Ok sorry for the recent delay on posting new chapters!
A high pitched shrill split the air.  A mob of 20 skags  were flinging acid slobber into the cave, running into the cave, and never returning. Columns of fire burst from the cave, causing severe burns for the skags.
This time the call slightly fainter and this time not sounding like a battle cry and more like a cry for help. Zer0 was pumping sniper bullets in the skags.
"Zero, we have to help it!" Maya said a tear running down her cheek.
"Maya it could be dangerous!" Zer0 said.
Too late Maya was already running around with her electric attack mini gun blazing bullets into bullets into skags. They were dropping like flies.
Sighing Zer0 sniped a few to help her out.
"Shit! Out of amo!" Maya shrieked. Pulling the fire pistol of her belt she got a few head shots. The combination of sniper power and pistol power they managed to scare the skags enough for them to back o
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SPOILER ALERT: Borderlands 2 fanfic by hoppymic02 SPOILER ALERT: Borderlands 2 fanfic :iconhoppymic02:hoppymic02 0 0 Gift by hoppymic02 Gift :iconhoppymic02:hoppymic02 2 2


You I like by Naahzda You I like :iconnaahzda:Naahzda 223 57 Ja'Khajiit - Thane of Riften p.3 by SkadiErendra Ja'Khajiit - Thane of Riften p.3 :iconskadierendra:SkadiErendra 50 43
Her First
It had been easy, really, to poison the bottle of mead sitting on the table. Nobody noticed the young Khajiit girl slipping into the Inn, darting between crowds of rowdy Nords singing songs of those who had conquered their foes. She had spotted her target after a few moments of scanning the crowd and approached him with ease.
Mya had been watching him for several days now and knew his routine. Every evening he came to the same Inn to drink himself stupid and pass out at his usual table in the corner. And every time he’d passed out he had left a half-finished bottle of mead on the table, which he would drink the minute he stirred from his drunken sleep. After finishing off the bottle, he’d stagger off home.
But not tonight.
Mya reached his table and sure enough he was out for the count. Smirking to herself she grabbed the bottle and took a sniff, pulling a face at the stench of alcohol. Satisfied, she pulled a small red vial from a pouch at her waist and poured it in with th
:iconlittle-motorkitty:little-motorkitty 6 2
You wish you were this twisted by Necerti You wish you were this twisted :iconnecerti:Necerti 51 1 #9 by Necerti #9 :iconnecerti:Necerti 32 0 SCA - Delrian santa claus by Necerti SCA - Delrian santa claus :iconnecerti:Necerti 38 15 THE DELRIAN -  specie reference sheet by Necerti THE DELRIAN - specie reference sheet :iconnecerti:Necerti 41 16 100 icons by Necerti 100 icons :iconnecerti:Necerti 104 33 THE DELRIAN - en francais comme c'est merveilleux by Necerti THE DELRIAN - en francais comme c'est merveilleux :iconnecerti:Necerti 15 17 Commission - Grate Dane by TussenSessan Commission - Grate Dane :icontussensessan:TussenSessan 25 5 Commission - Dog portrait by TussenSessan Commission - Dog portrait :icontussensessan:TussenSessan 18 2 .: Harakiri - When the sun goes down :. by WhiteSpiritWolf .: Harakiri - When the sun goes down :. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 1,422 98 :.Early Winter WIP.: by WhiteSpiritWolf :.Early Winter WIP.: :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 433 20 Untitled - Seras WIP by WhiteSpiritWolf Untitled - Seras WIP :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 1,059 40 .: The Watcher :. by WhiteSpiritWolf .: The Watcher :. :iconwhitespiritwolf:WhiteSpiritWolf 929 40


I have moved to a new account, here it is : 

I'd appreciate it if you guys would go watch me again. :) only a few things will be transferred! I will continue the lands on the border 2 there and will be starting a new series. SHANK YOU









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Please ask me about art trades. Thanks!


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